PRACTICEXPERIMENT is my new programme of events to enable more people to access experimental, process-led art-making.


These day workshops are for anyone looking to learn about art-making processes and to experiment with materials and methods, guided by an experienced artist-educator in a fun, supportive space.

There are four different workshops that repeat and alternate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in August 2021. Each workshop focuses on the 'how' of art-making, and encourages participants to test methods and materials which are new to their practice.


A. Material sensitivity: 3rd, 11th, 19th August


This workshop provides the opportunity to make experimental art that focuses on the qualities and art-making possibilities of different materials. Participants will be led through a structured process of testing materials that they might not have considered previously. Context: the use of everyday and natural materials in the practices of artists associated with the Arte Povera movement in the 1960s.

B. Support and ground: 4th, 12th, 24th August

In the history of painting, artists have used many different types of support in their painting practices, and continue to challenge the assumption that stretched canvas is the predominant choice. Painting is now seen as a whole object rather than simply a picture on a surface, and the support is as important as the image. Having selected and prepared several unconventional supports, participants will be invited to consider the significance of the [back]ground in painting. Context: the artworks of American conceptual painter Robert Ryman.

C. Paint: 5th, 17th, 25th August

The 'Paint' workshop continues the focus on the methods and the materials of art-making. The day will start with an introduction to the many different ways of making paint, and progress through various processes of paint application beyond the conventional use of a brush. Context: the methods of the painters working in New York in the 1950s who became grouped under the term Abstract Expressionism.

D. Figure-ground: 10th, 18th, 26th August

I believe that the figure-ground function is the fundamental issue of painting. By exploring how figure-ground relationships can change around in the perception of artworks, a new world of painting/art-making possibilities will open up to those who attend this workshop. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how the image and the background relate through three-dimensional experiments, colour theory tests, and their own practice-led experiments using materials of their choice. Context: various artworks from prehistoric cave paintings to the present day.

The workshops run from 10am to 3pm and cost £48 per person per day. Materials are provided as well as safety equipment when appropriate (gloves, goggles, dust masks). Bookings must be made in advance and can be single or multiple days. Workshops B, C and D would ideally be attended in that order if block booked. The venue is a town centre location. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 protocol, refreshments cannot be provided. However, there are plenty of places nearby to buy food and drink.


Please contact me here or at for further information and to make a booking. I look forward to hearing from you.


COVID-19 distancing and sanitisation procedures in place.