Painting for Well-being workshop


I set up PAINTING for WELL-BEING to help more people do something creative more often in my community. Many people grow up with the self-limiting belief that they're not creative, or that they "can't even draw a stick man". I strongly believe that art is for everyone, and that anyone can enjoy experimental, process-focused art-making. You just need a helping hand to get started, and a supportive space to feel safe and encouraged. If you feel like you could do with something creative in your life, but you don't know how or what, then this workshop could be for you.

What will I make?


The theme varies each month so it depends, but the focus is always on the process rather than the product. You'll make lots of marks with different types of water-based paint with various brushes on several pieces of paper and/or card, but you won't be working towards a perfect, finished artwork. Imagine not worrying about making a fixed outcome that ought to look a certain way. Imagine freeing yourself from the pressure to create something perfect, and quietening the inner-critic that constantly asks, "will it be good enough?" In this workshop, we aim to let go of all those concerns and judgement. Instead of working towards a single painting, or learning a specific painting technique, we develop a mindfulness practice. We do this by focusing on the materials and the methods in a fun, relaxing, experimental way.

What is mindfulness?

Pioneer of Western modern mindfulness practice, Jon Kabat-Zinn describes mindfulness as "awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally, in the service of self-understanding and wisdom". During the workshop, we try and cultivate a practice of mindfulness by paying attention to simple materials and the way we use them. Mindfulness is regarded as beneficial to well-being - building an ability to be aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more, understand ourselves and others better, and feel gratitude for what we have.

What’s included?

Basic materials are included: different types of paper, ink, water-based paint and all the tools you need (brushes, pots for water, palettes, paper towels). The painting activities will vary each month and so will the materials. At the moment we cannot provide refreshments so we ask participants to bring their own bottle of water.  

When are the workshops?

The workshops run on the first Wednesday of each month. The remaining dates for 2022 are:

7th September

5th October

2nd November

7th December

How do I book?

Please contact me to book in advance and please feel free to call 07940240321 if you have any questions. The cost is £10 per person and I ask participants to pay in advance online. At the moment it is possible to pay cash on the day but it's essential to book a place first. We meet in the lovely, big hall in The Wesley Centre, Almondbury Methodist church, so there's lots of space for everyone. Come and join us!