My process-focused courses enable people

of different levels to enjoy creative development

through materials-led experimentation. 

Painting process

A process-led course focused on painting, designed for people of any level who want structure and rigour as well as a supportive space to experiment. While focusing on the materials, we make the principle, physical components of painting: support; surface; paint. By creating these elements rather than using ready-mades, you connect with the materials, become closer to the artwork as a whole, and find the right combinations for your personal art-making goals and preferences. I locate each session within the tradition of painting by discussing the history of specific methods and their uses in contemporary painting practices. I create an encouraging environment so you can feel confident to experiment, testing the various techniques for yourself and enjoying immersion in the creative process. I make sure there is a balance of carefully-designed, informative structure and autonomous investigation. You will be amazed at your artistic discoveries and develop a new understanding of process-led art practice.  By focusing on the process, there is a letting-go and an opportunity to explore without judgement. This enables a free, playful approach to art-making - a means to being fully in the present creatively, which can contribute to improved well-being. The course duration is adaptable.

Materials sensitivity


A course designed for art students and postgraduate researchers at higher education institutions to develop their material sensitivity via practice-led methods. I inform and challenge the students' understanding of how specific materials, selected from those of art-making practices associated with the Arte Povera movement in Italy, might be used in contemporary art-making and the students' own practices. Students are invited to carry out an intensely investigative study focusing on the meaning and the materiality of their chosen material/s. I guide the students' contextualised and documented experimentation to deepen their awareness of the materials' combined significance, relating to physical characteristics, value, origins, sustainability, art histories, common application, and use/misuse. This course coincides with the call for a more careful consideration of the stuff we use in art and life given increasing concerns about the consequences of over-consumption and waste. Students will be supported to state how the workshop outcomes demonstrate an increased material sensitivity and how this will inform their ongoing studio practice. The course length will be agreed to suit the University's requirements, with a recommendation of five days. The content can be adapted to any undergraduate or MA level.

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